My previous blog, Kritter Krazy, holds many memories and posts that are important to me. Because of that, I’ve decided to transfer the posts that mean the most to me to Avian Ambition, and revise them while I’m at it. I’m looking forward to doing this because it will be fun to read what I wrote in the past, and use them to build this blog up as well. I wanted a fresh start, so by doing this I will also be bringing a new life to those posts that even I have forgotten about. Over the month of January, I will go through my archives in Kritter Krazy and repost edited versions of some of them.

If you haven’t noticed already, I’ve already transferred a few things. The links (like blogs, forums, etc.) and the “Foods for Birds” page are both here now too. I’m going to continue to work on the entries of the food glossary, so I’m hoping I’ll have another entry by the next week or two. I’ll also post more about the whole process again tomorrow, but that’ll have to wait. As for the links, I’ll be working on a few descriptions of them to let readers know a bit more about where they will lead them, easily and quickly.

All of these updates and additions to the blog are meant to make it a better experience to read and browse through Avian Ambition, so I hope that they work!


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