Plans for Avian Ambition *

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to improve this blog, and have even spoken with a few people about how I could do this. Many of the ideas we came up with have lots of promise, and I wanted to post about them here while I can so that I can remember them. I also want my readers to know what’s going on behind the scenes here.

The author of HungryBird, one of my favorite blogs, was talking with me recently and I’d like to give her credit for these ideas.

  • Getting good information on different species of birds that aren’t too popular, or well known.
  • Feeding suggestions and other options for those birds. (She gave the example of lorikeets and something other than the powdered formula that they are given)
  • A collection of photos from owners of these birds.
  • Documenting my thoughts on getting, what she calls, The Bird. (The Bird is my future Yellow-Sided GCC)
  • Also documenting my experiences on my quest for The Bird and all the things that I purchase for him/her.

(Thanks for the awesome help!)

These are the plans that I have come up with for Avian Ambition:

  • Themed days of the week, when the time comes. (e.g. Picture Perfect Sundays,  Food Fridays, etc.)
  • A new Picture of the Week featured every Monday, or Sunday on the sidebar.
  • A new “Visitors page.
  • Reader engaging posts. (These will possibly have questionnaires, or polls.)
  • A new page to place upcoming updates like these. (Possibly.)
  • For every new update or idea like these, I’ll publish Explanatory Posts to notify readers.

I know that not all of these will materialize instantly, but it is my best intention to complete some within the next month.


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