Link Descriptions – Forums *

I’ve been working on some descriptions to go with the links I transferred from Kritter Krazy, and so far they are turning out pretty good. The forums are usually the easiest to describe, so I wanted to do them first. On the sidebar I have my favorite blogs, forums and other links but I’m working on adding some new ones to the lists. These descriptions will be done to give readers a better idea of what they will be seeing when they click the link. I didn’t get enough time today to finish all of my links’ descriptions, so I’ll just post the forum ones (The forum’s welcome message will be in grey like this):

Avian Avenue –  a friendly parrot/bird forum with informative threads and a supportive community. It has a wide variety of sections for specific species of birds that is useful for bird owners. (Welcome to the Avian Avenue Parrot Forum & Other Birds Message Board.)

Cat Forum – a forum/website for cat owners to go for help, support or a place to just write about their feline friends. There are sections for breeding, feeding and everything in between.  (Welcome to The #1 Cat Discussion Forum)

Talk Budgies – a great forum for budgie owners. Tons of posts are written a day and there are many members who are experts when it comes to budgies. A place for budgie owners and enthusiasts to definitely check out. (Welcome to Talk Budgies, an online community and website dedicated to one of the most popular pets in the world: budgies!)

The Budgerigar Breeders Club Inc. – another budgie forum but it is directed towards the breeders. This forum is great for chatting with other breeders, getting breeding advice and help, and to talk about show breeding. It also includes a FAQ section with great info.

It’s been a busy day so I could only finish these. I should have the other descriptions finished by Friday.


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