Rocky at Night *

Another busy day, so I apologize for the briefness of this post. Today I wanted to stay true to my resolution of giving my pets more attention, so I was outside spending lots of time with our three dogs. It was already getting dark after I gave them their dinner. I was a bit upset to see the sun going down so early because I was planning on getting a few shots of the dogs out in the snow. Then I realized that it would be pretty cool to wait for nightfall to take some pictures, because I never really normally do. I knew I would have to use flash, but it was fun and cool to see how the photos turned out. I only managed to get two decent shots of Rocky, so here they are.

Hah, I’m being immature by sticking my tongue out!

The flash made Rocky’s eyes seem blind, and a bit creepy, but it also made the snow sparkle! It’s interesting to see how photos look when you take them outside at night. It makes the picture just a bit cooler because the background fades into a shadow a bit.

Wait, what?

Do you see it? It looks like it gets darker and darker the farther you look behind Rocky. In real life I was expecting something to jump out of the darkness and startle me, but that was just me being paranoid. It was actually really fun to be out in the dark, but I’m not ever going to do that again on a windy night.


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