Some Sunshine in Winter and Bloopers *

These past gloomy, winter days have been getting to me; I only put up with them because of the snow that we get during them. Today however, we had a bit of sun and blue sky showing through the grey clouds. It put me in a great mood. I wanted to take advantage of the brighter day, so I decided to try and take those pictures that I missed out on yesterday. I got some of Rollie, and one of Rocko (he was ignoring me most of the time). I also noticed a cute little egg sac from a spider that I felt like taking a picture of, just because I thought it was strange to see one in the middle of winter. Rocky was being a bit antsy and wouldn’t stop moving, so I left him out of our pictures today.

This was the bit of sunshine that was coming through the clouds today. It didn’t last long but it was great to see some blue amongst all the vast mass of grey up there. These trees are the ones that surround my house and property all around. There are houses behind them though, so we only have a bit of a barrier for our privacy.

Nom nom nom!

Here’s a picture of Rollie eating his dinner for the day. We feed our dogs Alpo dog food, but if it was up to me I would have that thrown in the trash. I’m not a big fan of artificial colors or corn, but as long as I’m not the one buying their food; that’s what they’ll get. They don’t seem to mind though, as long as they have a full tummy I’m sure they’re satisfied. If you’re wondering why I left the bowl filled with snow, it’s because the dogs rather eat the snow than have cold water. I’m sure they wouldn’t like their teeth stinging from the icy water, especially during winter. They probably wouldn’t be happy with hot or warm water either. I could go on and on about why we feed them the way we do, but that’s how it is put simply.


I was just about to take a picture of Rollie’s face here. Instead, he shook the snow out of his fur and ended up making the picture a blur. It makes him look a bit like a lion.

What you looking at?

The one picture I took of Rocko. He doesn’t look too happy about it. We keep all our dogs on running chains outside so they can have the freedom to run around, but be safe from the cars on the roads surrounding us. There’s also lots of stray dogs from our neighbors running around, so we don’t want them getting into any fights. Rocko is sitting beside his favorite post. For some reason he hangs around here because he digs up little holes for warmth during the day around it. He doesn’t like being inside his house for too long.

Woah! Where’d that come from?

He’s just about to turn and bark at a car.

The first picture of Rollie was weird because at that exact moment when I took the picture, a huge gust of wind blew a little snow flurry around him. The poor guy probably didn’t even see that coming. He had to turn his head in the other direction to keep the snow from blowing into his face.

The last picture was taken from my back step. He wasn’t really paying attention to me there. There was a car driving up the road and he was just about to bark. You can tell from the way his body is a bit tensed up and his ears are turned back, toward the sound.

This is the spider egg sac I found.

This little egg sac was a bit random, but cute so I had to post it. I love using the macro setting on my camera, so that’s my excuse.


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