Tracks in the Snow *

Another gloomy, winter day. There wasn’t much going on, but I did get some more pictures. I took some of Rocky. He was a bit better and cooperative than yesterday, so I got a few good shots out of him today. I made sure that I fed him well before hand and that it was early in the day so that I had enough sunlight and time. Leia was looking for attention today so I took pictures of her too. I discovered some animal tracks in the snow, so they are also going to be shown below.

Rocky enjoyed the attention that I was giving him today. He is such a sweet dog when he is calm like this, and his eyes show it all.

Aren’t those the sweetest eyes ever?


After I sat down with him for a bit, he started to slowly lower to the ground. He got on his back and started whining for a belly rub, so I gave in and started rubbing his tummy. He really enjoys belly rubs and I haven’t given him one in a while; I think he deserved it after so long of not having one. You can tell how much he loves belly rubs, just look at his face.

Ahh… That’s the spot! (He’s laying down on his back here)

This picture turned out really white, and I was going to auto-fix it. I decided not to though because it really makes the picture have a cool effect, especially with the little white flecks of snow on his ear and the snow glaring on his eyes.

Before all of this happened though, I took pictures of the tracks that I mentioned above.

Animal Tracks in the Snow

These could be from two or three different animals, but it depends on what kittens made the tracks third and fourth set of tracks. I had to use auto-fix on Photobucket to be able to see the imprints because otherwise, you would have to squint to notice them in the snow. Except for the print in the ice of course.

  1. These tracks must have been from a crow because I haven’t seen many other birds around.
  2. Some more crow tracks.
  3. A set of kitten tracks. Aren’t they cute?
  4. Another kitten track, but it turned into ice. I bet it is still there where I left it.

Did you say something?

Wha.. huh?

After I was done outside, I went inside to warm up for a bit. Leia was lounging around and was playing inside of a box for a bit. While I was fooling around with her I thought that it would be a good chance to get some pictures of her for everyone to see for the first time. I just realized now that I haven’t ever posted any pictures of either her or Max yet. I think  soon I’ll have to write about their background story and include some photos of them when they first got here.


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