Link Descriptions – Blogs 1-6 *

Half of the blog link descriptions are now done. It is hard to explain a couple of these blogs but I’m satisfied with the descriptions of them. I only decided to finish the first half of my blog links today, so sometime next week I’ll finish the rest. The only other link description I will have left after finishing all of these will be the “A Parrot’s Bill of Rights” one, so I’ll include it with the rest of the blogs next time.

A Parrot for Keeps – a great blog with lots of informative posts that parrot owners would enjoy reading. It has regular posts about the author’s seven parrots and how she lives life with them and her Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. She also write about how she adopts, re-homes, and fosters parrots.

Cage Free Parrot – an educational blog on parrots with great posts about living with parrots cage free and how to build your relationship with them. The majority of the posts have helpful information and advice; coming from a knowledgeable bird owner. Although there isn’t a huge quantity of frequent posts, the posts are high quality and I advise you to go through some of her archives.

Coco’s Flock – a blog with clear and interesting posts, mainly about the author’s parrots. It has lots of pictures of her flock, which consists of two budgies and a cape parrot named Lola. The author of this blog is known for her safety awareness when it comes to buying products for her birds, and as a result her reviews and research of products includes lots of reliable information.

Ekkie Life – a blog that focuses on the financial factor of owning an Eclectus Parrot and the potential amount of money you can spend on one. The author keeps record of the total cost before and after getting her ekkie, called Bean, and updates the blog with her purchases.

Hungry Bird – a blog that is mainly about “feeding birds better foods”. It includes posts with pictures of different meals that the author gives to her flock, and toys that she also gives them. Her flock includes two budgies, two cockatiels and a Meyer’s Parrot named Malachite. Also includes a section with a list of pellet ingredients.

Just Poifect – a blog about the author’s life with her flock of six Poicephalus parrots and a lovebird named Piper. Includes tons of amazing photos of her parrots. She also posts pictures of the products and toys she buys for them; sometimes including one of her parrots in the process of trying it out.


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