Link Descriptions – Blogs 7-11 + 1 *

I finally had time to finish the rest of the blog descriptions! Here are the rest plus one other link description.

Parrot Comforts – a blog that has many great posts that are both informative and enjoyable. Has good archives that are perfect to read through if you like to read about enrichment for birds.

Parrot Nation – a well-written blog that is owned by an author from BirdTalk magazine. She writes about her travels, at-home experiences with her parrots and many other topics. It includes posts about her visit to the Cincinnati Zoo, work at Best Friends Animal Society and trips to Houston Parrot Festivals held by the NPRPF.

The Beak Whisperer – a parrot blog that has posts about making toys for parrots. The author’s goal is to make toys for enrichment for parrots that help mentally stimulate them and keep them busy. Perfect for those who like to make their own toys at home for their birds.

The Cheeky Parrot – another parrot photography blog with posts about the author’s flock of seven. It is mainly about her parrots with lots of beautiful photos and stories about them. Her flock’s names include Nola, Augie, Aubrey, Devlin, Poppet, Oliver and Asher.

The Lovely Feathers – a blog about the antics of a flock that consists of a quaker and caique. Includes cute photos and stories about the author’s flock.

 A Parrot’s Bill of Rights – a very true list of the rights of a parrot which any bird owner should take a bit of time to read. It is written by Dr. Stewart Metz. “Dr. Stewart Metz is the Director of Indonesian Parrot Project. This not-for-profit organization is dedicated to wild Indonesian parrot conservation. … and the important task of educating pet owners on proper pet bird care and conservation of endangered birds.” – taken from


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