Natural Wood Perches – Part I *

Natural wood perches are some of the best kinds of perches that a bird owner could get for their bird. More like the #1 best. Whether you own a cockatiel, caique, African grey, budgie, canary, macaw or conure; it is a necessity to have one of these. Tons of bird owners already have at least one or many natural wood perches to select from at their household, but for those who lack a natural perch I suggest you keep on reading. This post will be a brief summary of why it is a must to have a natural perch in your bird’s cage and why there are so many different reasons and benefits to having one. This is part one of the two posts I will be making on the subject; part two will include a guide to making your very own homemade natural wood perches.

First, the main reason why so many bird owners like these perches is that they are almost identical to what they would have in the wild. Natural perches means just that; they are natural. They have the same properties; different lengths and widths, notches and curves, and even bark in some cases. Except the fact that they are no longer alive and don’t have bugs in them. There is such a wide variety of perches in the wild, it would only make sense that you should create the same environment in your bird’s cage. Because they are so close to the real thing, natural perches usually don’t cause any harm or problems for your birds like the regular dowel perches may do. (Or other concrete, plastic or sandpaper perches that can cause bumblefoot)  It is important that you offer a wide variety of perches for your bird for the best outcome. Include natural wood, rope, flagstone, etc. for a good combination. Too much of one type may cause problems for your bird’s feet. Natural perches along with other perches will be as close to the way they are in the wild as you can get.

Here are some examples of the variety of natural wood perches that you can choose from.

 Credit goes to the author of HungryBird for providing this

picture of her natural perch collection. 

Credit goes to Natacha, the author of Just Poifect!, for

providing this picture of her natural perch collection.  

A second major reason for having natural perches is their ability to be used for multiple things. They are great for what they are originally meant for of course: giving your birds a comfortable place to perch and sleep for the day. Natural perches are also good for keeping your birds busy. If you get a perch with the bark still on, it can provide a safe and fun activity for your bird if they like shredding or ripping things apart. I’ve also read about people attaching their birds’ toys to the perches themselves and sliding them onto the branches.  Some people have even used the smaller branches attached to the perches for food kabobs. There are probably dozens of other ways you can use a natural perch, and there is not limit as long as you have a good imagination.

The last important point I would like to make is how natural perches provide so many benefits for you and your bird. As I’ve said before, natural perches have a variety of different lengths, widths, and textures that help exercise the muscles in your bird’s feet as well as keep them healthy. The bark that is kept on some of these perches assist in keeping the nails and beak of your bird trimmed if they enjoy stripping or shredding it off. This can save many bird owners the trouble of spending their time or money on trimming them their selves. There is also the added benefit of keeping your bird busy when enjoying chewing on the wood. The last reason why natural perches are great isn’t just because they are so comfortable for your bird; it’s because they can even give you some peace and quiet to yourself. Only some though…

To sum it all up; natural branches are great to use for your bird’s perches because they are almost identical to the ones in the wild, have many benefits for you and your bird, and also have the ability to be used for multiple things.  If your bird isn’t used to these kinds of perches at first, give them time to get accustomed to it; like they would for any type of new change. The gratefulness that comes from your bird when given this kind of perch to rest on should be enough a reason to get one for any bird owner.

If you would like to know more about how you can obtain a clean, safe and natural wood perch: check out Part II tomorrow.


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