Max and the Fish *

I got a chance to take pictures of little Moo-moo watching the fish swim in their tank. He was a very good candidate for my photos, and had quite the poses! After he was done with looking at the three fish, he decided to climb into his little bed to clean himself. I got such cute photos out of this little cleaning session. I’m glad I was there to witness it.

What are those little things swimming in there?

Here’s the best shot I got of them all together at one time. The orange and white fish is Citrus, Mushu is the gold and black one, and Luthais is right behind Citrus. He is that weird looking brown thing. Haha. I don’t think he was impressed with the big monster Max just on the other side of the glass. A little kitten can be quite big in comparison to goldfish and a loach. This is the first time anyone would see pictures of Max, he is Leia’s brother.

Time for my daily licking!

Isn’t he handsome? I was so happy to get this shot of him, you can get a real good look at his eyes here. I think he was debating whether or not to go in his basket to wash off or just stay put here. The pattern on his fur can also be seen well in this photo.

Ahh! That’s the spot, right there!

Moo-moo was in the zone here. Getting right down to business and cleaning out his little toes and leg. Can you see the rest of his fur patterns now? Those brownish stripes are more gray in real life, so they remind me of lightning bolts. He’s got all kinds of color stripes on him though, if you look closely you can tell.

Okay, are we done here yet?

Last picture of the night. I was so glad that I got a picture of his pink tongue. Mid-lick too! He’s just finishing with his cleaning and settling down for a nap here. I think he was getting a bit irritated with the camera that was sticking in his face, but maybe it’s just me.


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