Barrie’s Budgerigars *

In my post, Natural Perches – Part I, I linked to a website called Barrie’s Budgerigars. This site is all about budgies, with lots of great information that I recommend any budgie owner to visit. It includes info about colors and mutations, breeding, bird diseases, health problems, natural medicine, show budgies, cages and aviaries, lots of questions and answers, and even a cookbook of sorts! Barrie Shutt is a very experienced and knowledgeable budgie owner and breeder who can give reliable advice on all aspects of owning budgies. He owns and breeds show budgerigars, but his information can still apply to normal pet budgies.

I decided to add this to the sidebar of Avian Ambition for budgie owners, or whoever is interested, to visit his site and read some more  interesting information on budgies. It is a little tricky to navigate through, but is worth it to read. Just click the pictures on the homepage to read whatever topic interests you.


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