Ginger, the Lazy One *

Another busy day again. I had some time to take some pictures of Ginger though. I found him asleep in the bathroom right beside the shower. He was laying on the towel on the floor, snoring and purring away. He can be such a lazy cat these days, I think it’s just because he is getting older.

*snore* *snore*

He wasn’t to impressed with me interrupting his nap time, but he let me take a few shots of him. You can tell why we decided to call him Ginger. Look at how orange his fur is! I love the different shades of orange that he has on his fur. His stomach has such a pale color that is seems white sometimes. I’ll have to get a picture of it sometime. He loves his belly rubs.


Wait, what was that?!

This was when he started to realize what I was doing, but he wasn’t awake enough to open his eyes. He just squinted and kind of lifted his head up, but didn’t do much else.

What are you looking at?

He managed to sit up a bit more and turn his head in my general direction, but still didn’t open his eyes. He was in the half-awake mode still. I decided to leave him alone to rest after this. He deserved it after letting me get such cute pictures of him. I didn’t notice until now how his nose even seems orange. I think it may just be the camera doing that, but I think it is pretty cool. Maybe next time I will be able to get some pictures of him when he is awake and ‘lively’.


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