Doodle #1 – Cute Fox *

If you don’t know already, I love to draw; sketch; and doodle whenever I can. I don’t regularly post my artwork or doodles online, but I think that from now on I’d like to post one per week here on Avian Ambition. The doodles will probably be just birds or other animals that relate to me from now on, so it won’t be too off-topic. The first one I wanted to post is my little fox drawing I finished today. I tried taking  pictures of the WIP (Work in Progress) for the first time today, and it turned out half decent. My doodles are only like little cartoon creatures, so it isn’t as realistic as I can get. I still like drawing these though.

Work in Progress

The reason why I picked a fox is because my last name actually means fox in my culture. It is actually pretty cool to have another meaning to your last name. I gave this doodle away to a friend, so I don’t have the original anymore. This picture was where I got the idea from, and is what I used for a reference. I didn’t do any tracing though, don’t worry. Here is the final outcome photo I took:

Final Outcome

From now on I will post weekly doodles of things related to me or my life. They are just for fun and are non-profit drawings. I hope you enjoy them!


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