Sleepy Max *

Another one of those action packed days that leave me no choice but to just post some pictures. Max has recently started to make a habit of hanging out in my room. He has now established a ‘spot’ on my bed where I find him most days after school; it is on the bottom right corner of my bed. When I walk into my room every day I find him laying in the same spot every time. When he notices that I come in; he stretches his back and legs; yawns and proceeds to walk over to greet me with some purring and tired, squinting eyes. He makes me smile every time. After he greets me we both settle down into my bed. I usually sit there reading or go on the laptop while I pet him, and he usually falls asleep in his ‘spot’. That’s exactly what happened today and these are the pictures I took of him sleeping in his ‘spot’.


Sleeping in His Spot

A Detailed Picture of His Face


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