• Tinkering with Toys #1: Foraging Bucket *

I want to start blogging a bit more about toys for birds and how important it is to give them the enrichment they need. To do this, I’ve decided that it would be nice to just do occasional posts on DIY toys for your birds called Tinkering with Toys. They will focus on sharing the toy ideas thought up by other bird owners and hopefully will give some people a little inspiration to make their own. I know that it is sometimes hard to sit yourself down and make up new ideas for your bird’s toys all by yourself, so these are here to just help give you some guidance and hopefully more ideas.

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

Way back in July I tried a foraging idea from Fids Love Toys called the Foraging Bucket. I called mine the Mini Foraging Bucket because it reminded me of those large stainless steel buckets that parrot owners usually get for foraging, except that it was a smaller version. I thought that it was a clever idea to use those ketchup cups for the bucket, since they are easy and fun to shred for your birds. They are so simple and easy to make, and can help keep your birds busy for even just a little while. Here was my attempt at making one:

And this is how I made it…

STEP ONE: Get the Materials

You’ll need…

  • Small Ketchup Cup – that fast food restaurants use.
  • Beads (I used 12, putting 6 on each string)
  • String – something like hemp twine.
  • Clip – for hanging on the cage.
  • Scissors

STEP TWO: Put it Together!

  1. Poke two little holes on opposite sides of the ketchup cup.
  2. Cut a string off that is about 6 inches long. (For extra room; in case of mistakes.)
  3. Put a string through one side of the cup and knot.
  4. String on 6 beads, of your choice.

  1. Tie the clip on tightly in the middle.
  2. String on the rest of the beads.
  3. Put the string through the other side of the hole and knot tightly.
  4. Place your birds favorite treat inside, or other items to make it fun to forage through.

STEP THREE: Put it in the cage, and Ta-DA!


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