The Chop Concept *

If you’ve never heard of the Chop Concept, it is an idea that was created for bird owners who like giving their birds a healthy diet with variety by using an easy or convenient method. It’s a concept because the idea isn’t specific; the name applies to whatever you end up making. Making Chop is basically a 4 step process…

  1. Buy the food.
  2. Prepare your food in whatever way you like. (Chop, mash, soak, cook, sprout, etc.)
  3. Mix everything that you made together in a big container.
  4. Package up and store in freezer.

It’s pretty much that simple.

I originally read about it on Parrot Nation; the blog written by Patricia Sund. She posted about this concept, in hopes of sharing this great idea and letting it spread through the avian community. It did. Bird owners from all over the world are now making their very own versions of Chop, with so many variations in contents and amounts. She recently put together a video called “Chop from the Parrot Nation” and it is a good example of how many people have adopted the idea of Chop.

Personally, I haven’t tried the Chop Concept. It wasn’t ever something I got to do, but I still think it is a brilliant idea. It gives bird owners the opportunity to save time, and money! It may seem expensive at first when you add up your total on groceries bought and what-not, but in the long run it is cheaper, or equal to, the cost of a normal all-seed diet. If you haven’t tried this concept yet, you should definitely try it out sometime soon. It may end up making your life just a little less hectic and worry-free knowing that you’ve got meals already made for your birds to last another few months or so.


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