Leia is Becoming an It! *

“Leia is going to become an ‘It’ today guys!”

That’s what my mother said after picking me and my sisters up from school today. We weren’t sure at first exactly what she meant by this, but when she continued to explain we were relieved to hear that it wasn’t anything as scary as it sounded. Apparently she booked an appointment with some local vets to get her fixed before she has the chance to get pregnant. We don’t want any extra kittens running around here!

Leia has been in heat for a few weeks now, so we haven’t been letting her outside much. There have been a couple of stray, male cats hanging around our house that we were worrying about. Leia was meowing like crazy for days now, so wanted her to be fixed and calmed down. Tonight we are going to have to take her in, and by the end of the day she will no longer be a female. She will be an ‘It’.

Tomorrow I’ll give an update of how things went. All I can tell you now is that she will be in surgery for under two hours and will be coming home as wobbly on her legs as a bowl of jello.


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