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February 26, 2012

Thinking About the Future

I realized today that saying I want to become an avian veterinarian this early will not be as realistic as I thought it would be. If I want to be an avian veterinarian when I go to college or university, then so be it. But like I said, I realized that I might not actually end up wanting to become one after all. Things might change; things like my dislikes + likes, decisions, goals, and dreams will alter at least a bit. One thing I know for sure though is that I want to at least work with animals in some sort of way.

Whether it might be a vet, a vet tech, zookeeper, volunteer in a shelter, breeder, groomer, trainer, or even just working at a pet store that I support, that is what I want to do. Many people my age that I know now are totally unsure of what they want to do in their future. There are also those that are dead-set on something, not even thinking about careers, or keep changing their minds about things. I think that I might be included with the group who have a bit of an idea of what they want to do. Something as serious, or as difficult, as being an avian vet looks challenging to me now and might not be what I want. But I still hope that I will have the fortunate chance to work with animals, and have a career that I enjoy and love. Some don’t even get to have this.

I don’t really want to go too in depth with this post, because that isn’t my style. Tonight I just felt like posting something here to remind myself in the future that whatever happens is meant to be, and that I should embrace it.

February 20, 2012

Blogging Troubles

I have already begun to fall behind on this blog. In the past few weeks I’ve started a bunch of posts, but I never got around to finishing and publishing them. I have at least one post ready for each day that has passed already in February, but none of them are totally done yet. My last blog went downhill becuase of this so, instead of letting all the work build up, I’ll just gradually work on all the posts up to now and publish them accordingly. The posts left for me to publish will be shown on the sidebar, so that I can keep track of which ones I need to finish.

I’ll keep posting daily after this date, but you will notice that some posts from passed dates will start to pop up out of no where. Those are the ones that I am going to work on, so don’t start to worry when you realise there are a bunch of them that you totally missed. I’ll continue to try my hardest with keeping this blog up to date, and have as much posts as there are days in each month. Right now, I need to catch up on 17 posts out of the 20 that passed in February so far.

February 5, 2012

My Quest for The Bird – Update #2 *

The second installment for My Quest for The Bird will be the question I asked on the second thread I posted on Avian Avenue:

What types of foods do Green Cheek Conures favor?

Many of the posts had a variety of favorites listed. The member’s conures were like every other bird; each bird had its own favorite foods and preference. I found that many of the owners fed their conures birdie bread and birdie mash as well. Each was unique however.

I will add the different posts to the page in the future, as well as organize it and possibly type up a summary of them.

February 4, 2012

My Quest for The Bird – Update #1 *

For the first update of My Quest for The Bird, I wanted to bring the information I got from the bird forum Avian Avenue into a new section. There at Avian Avenue, I started a thread with one very broad question…

What is it like owning a green cheek conure?

Many bird owners who had green cheeks responded with very helpful replies. It seemed that everyone responded with generally the same answer: amazing, fun and overall a great experience. A lot of the owners described their green cheeks as spunky, funny, playful, a little nippy, snuggly, hyper, curious, love attention, have BIG personalities and are little clowns. They have lots to say about their little companions, and I wanted to share their replies with everyone above.

In time I plan on summarizing everyone’s replies on the separate section for it, which is on My Quest for The Bird page.

February 3, 2012

Groundhog Day *

I completely forgot to post about Groundhog day yesterday, so I wanted to do a little update on what went on around here.

For those that don’t know what groundhog day is, (which may be few, but some people might not remember how it works) it is an event that happens annually on the 2nd of February. According to folklore, the groundhogs can predict the future of whether there will be an early spring or longer lasting winter. If it is a cloudy day, the groundhog won’t see his shadow which means there will be an early spring. If it is a sunny day however, the groundhog will see his shadow and supposedly scurry back into his burrow; which will mean 6 more weeks of winter left to go.

This year our groundhog, named Shubenacadie Sam, didn’t get to see his shadow. Along with the majority of the other groundhogs’ predictions this year, we will have an early spring. I was a bit sad when I found out because winter is my favorite season, but it is nice to hear that we will be getting an early spring. This time around my mother and I plan to start our gardens early, so at least we have something to be looking forward to.

Shubenacadie Sam

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