February of 2012 *

Wow, time really does fly! A whole month passed and it is already the second month of the year. This month I want to change a couple of habits of mine so that I can actually keep up with all my resolutions and stick to them. I’d also like to introduce a few more ideas that I have for Avian Ambition and keep up with the ones I already mentioned. These include the themed days of the week, weekly doodles, picture of the week, and more info for My Quest for The Bird.

Another thing that I’d like to do from now on is stick to a main theme for each month of the year. February’s theme will be diet and food, so there will be informative posts on dietary requirements, info on nutrition, more Foods for Birds entries, and other things related to this theme. For each new month, I will give them either a new theme or a theme that was already used to elaborate on. Aside from these posts, I’ll still be writing about my pets and myself.

So far, I like where Avian Ambition is going. If I keep this up, I know that I’ll be able to accomplish many things this year. I hope everybody else has had some type of success this past month, and that they’ll have the same amount or more of luck in the coming days.


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