Leia’s Surgery Update *

First of all, I’d like to say that the surgery went really well and no complications came up. She was well behaved and did fine.

Two nights ago, Tuesday, we had booked an appointment with our local vet clinic to get Leia fixed. This would be the first time she ever rode in a car since coming home with us back in August when we got both kittens. When it was time to leave, I knew exactly where she was. Leia was laying in a box containing grocery bags, one of her favorite things to lay on, in my room. She was snoozing for a while before this; we couldn’t feed her for most of the day in case her surgery would make her sick to her stomach. The little sweetie was totally out of it, but I had to bring her upstairs to get ready to leave. Instead of taking her out of her box, I just brought the whole thing along with us so that she would be comfortable on the ride there. We had to place the first box into another though because once she realised what was going on, she started to squirm and tried jumping out of the box several times.

Once inside the truck, I calmed her down by speaking softly and petting her head that was poking out. She looked really terrified at first, but soon started to purr and relax for a bit. By the time we landed at the clinic, she was laying back down in her box and wasn’t squirming around anymore. My mother went in first to see if they were ready for Leia yet, but there turned out to be an adorable little golden lab pup in before us. The little fella was so cute, and calm; he was especially curious to see Leia’s head pop out of the box when we went inside with her. He just stared at her though, and was taken out shortly in his owner’s arms.

After we got Leia out of her box and placed her on the surgery table, she just sat there taking in her surroundings. I don’t think she knew what to do, so she just waited for something to happen. The vet, whom we already knew, talked with us for a bit before we left. Apparently, Leia is a rare tortoiseshell calico cat. Her little white flecks on her fur coat are supposedly a rare sight in calicoes, according to the vet. Later on, she also noticed that her nipples were way off from where they should have been, so she wouldn’t have made a very good mother anyways.

When the surgery was done, about an hour and half later, my sister went with my mother instead this time to pick Leia up. I wasn’t around when they brought her back, but when I finally got to see her it made me sad to see the condition she was in. The anesthetic still hadn’t worn off; this made Leia so out of it that all she could do was sit their in a ball, squinting her eyes. She kept her tail tucked in, and barely budged. This carried on well into the night. I didn’t see her start moving until yesterday evening. Her balance was still a bit off, so she swayed every now and then when she walked, but she got around fine. Her mood seemed to be better, and Max finally decided to start coming near her again. The night of the surgery he only needed a whiff of her to know that he didn’t want to stick around. I think that he sensed that she needed her space.

Today she is practically bouncing off the walls with energy and is back to her old self again, except now she could be called an “It” as my parents like to say. Max and her have gone at it for hours now; they run around the house non-stop trying to catch up with one another. I’m glad to see Leia up and running now. Even though she was busy playing around with Max most of the day, I got to take a couple of pictures of her and another surprise guest that I might decide to post about later. For now, here is one of my favorites of the day.

Leia looking out the door at an unnexpected visitor.


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