Groundhog Day *

I completely forgot to post about Groundhog day yesterday, so I wanted to do a little update on what went on around here.

For those that don’t know what groundhog day is, (which may be few, but some people might not remember how it works) it is an event that happens annually on the 2nd of February. According to folklore, the groundhogs can predict the future of whether there will be an early spring or longer lasting winter. If it is a cloudy day, the groundhog won’t see his shadow which means there will be an early spring. If it is a sunny day however, the groundhog will see his shadow and supposedly scurry back into his burrow; which will mean 6 more weeks of winter left to go.

This year our groundhog, named Shubenacadie Sam, didn’t get to see his shadow. Along with the majority of the other groundhogs’ predictions this year, we will have an early spring. I was a bit sad when I found out because winter is my favorite season, but it is nice to hear that we will be getting an early spring. This time around my mother and I plan to start our gardens early, so at least we have something to be looking forward to.

Shubenacadie Sam


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