My Quest for The Bird – Update #1 *

For the first update of My Quest for The Bird, I wanted to bring the information I got from the bird forum Avian Avenue into a new section. There at Avian Avenue, I started a thread with one very broad question…

What is it like owning a green cheek conure?

Many bird owners who had green cheeks responded with very helpful replies. It seemed that everyone responded with generally the same answer: amazing, fun and overall a great experience. A lot of the owners described their green cheeks as spunky, funny, playful, a little nippy, snuggly, hyper, curious, love attention, have BIG personalities and are little clowns. They have lots to say about their little companions, and I wanted to share their replies with everyone above.

In time I plan on summarizing everyone’s replies on the separate section for it, which is on My Quest for The Bird page.


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