Blogging Troubles

I have already begun to fall behind on this blog. In the past few weeks I’ve started a bunch of posts, but I never got around to finishing and publishing them. I have at least one post ready for each day that has passed already in February, but none of them are totally done yet. My last blog went downhill becuase of this so, instead of letting all the work build up, I’ll just gradually work on all the posts up to now and publish them accordingly. The posts left for me to publish will be shown on the sidebar, so that I can keep track of which ones I need to finish.

I’ll keep posting daily after this date, but you will notice that some posts from passed dates will start to pop up out of no where. Those are the ones that I am going to work on, so don’t start to worry when you realise there are a bunch of them that you totally missed. I’ll continue to try my hardest with keeping this blog up to date, and have as much posts as there are days in each month. Right now, I need to catch up on 17 posts out of the 20 that passed in February so far.


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