‘Spring’-ing Back into Things

This is more or less an update on all the things that happened since I was absent. There won’t be any new pictures unfortunately; I can’t find the cord to connect the camera to the laptop. I’m going to look around for it though, it’s probably somewhere that I have overlooked. The only pictures that I might be posting are those that I have taken a while back and haven’t gotten a chance to put up.

I’ll write these in chronological order so that I will finish off with the most recent happenings here.

Max, the male kitten that we got, was also fixed only days after Leia. He is now all healed up, along with Leia, and they both are much more behaved because of it. We were lucky that Leia healed so quickly, because there were more male cats beginning to roam around our yard. A couple have gotten so comfortable here that they have made a habit of going inside Ginger’s cat house and sleeping in there. Because of the cold weather and snow at that time they welcomed the warmth it gave them, but Ginger wasn’t at all impressed. The kittens stayed inside since the winter was so harsh. However, once spring came along with the warmer weather, they were always exploring outside. They have stayed on our property so far; I’m hoping that they will keep it that way and learn the boundaries. Also along the lines of cats, Ginger is getting pretty old for a cat. He seems to move slower, sleep more, and is getting more cuddly. I’m also happy to say that he and the kittens have been finally getting along! They can now eat side by side together without any problem. I think it’s because they have matured quite a bit, and he can’t bully them around as much.

The dogs have pretty much stayed the same since I last posted about them. I am concerned about Rocky and Rocko however. Rocky seems to be unable to keep any weight on, and it looks like he is amaciated at times. I want to help him build up more muscle and release his anxiousness by going on more walks with him. Hopefully that will help. Rocko, on the other hand, is pretty healthy all around. The only problem that I see is with his balance, or more specifically his hips. I suspect that he might have some difficulty using his hips, or there might be a complication with them. He has this weird limp that looks like his hips are about to ‘cave in’, or something similar. He doesn’t look like he can fully use them, and he has a difficult time getting up or sitting down; anything to do with using his hips. It might be something other than his hips, but I’m still worried and I am probably going to call up a vet to ask about it. Rollie is also getting old; he’s about 11 or 12 years old I think. He is a tough dog though, the only signs of aging that he is showing is the appearance of his fur and his raspy barking.

In other news, my mother started working on the garden. So far she has taken all of the extra ‘junk’ off the top layer of soil that included leaves, twigs, rocks, and other things like that. There’s a big pile of all of it hanging out just beside the garden. We’ve also gotten warmer weather since spring started, and it has been more humid out. This past week, we’ve gotten the showers of rain that April is so famous for. The ground and everything outside is completely soaked. Right now as I type this, there is a rainstorm happening just outside. The wind was so strong that the power went out this morning for about an hour before coming back on. Once everything dries up, my mother and I plan on tilling the ground while it is moist and easy to dig up. There are a lot of weeds in there still, so it will probably take up the better part of a week to finish. I’m also looking forward to putting together some flower gardens around the house. When they start to grow, I’ll be sure to post some pictures.


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