New Possibilities *

I’m excited to announce that today I finally decided to start thinking about getting another budgie, or maybe even another small companion bird for myself. I am only really thinking at this point, but there is a great chance that I will be getting another one in the near future.

It feels so weird to think that I might be renewing my flock; starting out small. I might get a couple, a few, or even just one. Who knows? I might actually take the plunge into owning larger birds and get a cockatiel. But these are all only ideas. I know that I will have to take this all under serious and careful consideration soon enough if I want this to become a reality.

My Cousin’s Late Cockatiel

The reason for this sudden idea is celebration. I have recently just passed another grade in my high school, and to celebrate my parents want to get me something to show how proud they are of me. They asked for me to decide and I originally didn’t have a clue about what I want for a gift. I realized that I already have a lot more than anyone can ask for, and I’m truly happy to be so lucky.

Then I got to thinking. What do I want that I don’t already have? No, not another gadget. No jewelry, clothes or makeup. No extra money. No trips to anywhere special. Maybe another book would be nice, but I don’t really have any particular one in mind. Nothing popped into my head. I didn’t have any really wants or needs at the moment. Then inspiration hit me. Do I want another bird? Do I have the money? Do I have enough time and space? Do I have the support of my parents? Do I have the commitment? Surprisingly yes; yes; most likely, depending on the bird I get; somewhat; and yes, I do have the commitment.

There are a few reasons why I don’t think I have the full support of my parents. One being their initial reluctance to get me another bird at this time. When I asked my father about it, he didn’t seem to mind. When I asked my mother, however, she wasn’t convinced that I should really get one. She is worried about the timing of it, above all. The reasons she believed it was bad timing were these: 1. Since it is summer, I might not have enough time for a bird. 2. There is a possibility that we will go on trips during the break and have to leave the bird home alone. AND 3. It will be better to get it when school starts again.

Well, after some time of consideration, I came up with some answers to these worries.

1. I personally believe that summer gives me an abundance of extra time, meaning that I will be spending lots of it with the new bird. During the break, I will be staying at home for babysitting most of the time. That means that if I do get a bird, I will be available for most hours of the day to spend time with it.

Kasper, sitting on my finger.

2. The only trips that we know of right now are my trip to a university, and my parents’ trip to Kansas, both during August. My trip will last for a week, through August 17-24. My parents trip will be done before this; they should be back around the twelfth. That means that there will be someone at home through the duration of these trips. I won’t be happy leaving my bird during my trip, but I know that there will be enough time between then and now to settle it in at home. To make it comfortable enough to stay there with only my family. It is only a week that I’ll be gone, after all.

3. I really don’t think that it would be a good idea to get the bird when school starts again. Really. The first couple of months of getting a bird are usually the most crucial part of it all. Between getting it settled in, starting relationships with bonding and socializing, setting boundaries and rules by reinforcing the bird, and establishing a healthy diet; there will have to be enough time to get it all done. I already know that once school starts, the chance for these will completely evaporate. If I begin with these during summer, all of the important parts of introducing a bird to its new home will be over and done with by the time school begins. That will definitely put my mind to ease. If I had to do all of this during school season, the time for this would have to contend with homework, assignments, projects, studying, and school-related activities like sports. If I finish the initial introduction during summer, that would leave me more time to just hang out, carefree with my bird. I wouldn’t have to worry about it being uncomfortable with its surroundings, having trouble with its diet, not having a relationship with me, or anything like that. It would be nice to have a cooperative bird by the time school begins so that I could have it out with me during all of those studying and homework hours; where I wouldn’t have to give it my undivided attention for more than an hour of one-on-one time each day.

I want my parents to understand the points that I made before they say a definite NO.

The other reason I don’t think I have complete support from them is because of their reluctance to bring my birds to a vet. My father has partial belief that they are ‘replaceable’; not important enough to spend money on for a surgery or medicine. He won’t flat-out admit it, but I can tell that this is what he is thinking,

This is mostly true for the smaller birds like budgies and finches that we’ve had, since they cost so little in the first place. Because of this, I wondered what he would think of bringing a more expensive bird to the vet. Like a cockatiel, or lovebird. He is always worried about ‘wasting money’, but I have another plan in store that could also solve this problem. I plan on using the money I earn during summer to put away in a bank account for pet emergencies. Like an emergency stash. This will be my private ‘pet insurance’ for more expensive trips to the vet.

Money, money, money!

I’m not too worried about the space and time for a bird. It really depends on what I will be getting though. If I get an untame budgie, for example, I’ll have the space and just about enough time. If I got a hand-tame cockatiel, the time won’t be as much of a problem as the space needed. These I’ll keep in mind, but I don’t think I’ll have a problem with either of them.

We’ll see how this goes, and hopefully I might have a new, little fid within the next week or so. Wish me the best of luck!


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