Our Little Hunters

I have been meaning to post this for the past two days, but only got around to it today.

So now that Max and Leia are big kitties, they are allowed to go in and out as they please. They spend most of the day just alternating equally between spending time outside and inside. Usually when they’re inside, they eat, sleep, play and clean themselves. Outside, they like to roam around, chase one another, stalk through the tall grass, explore the woods, and HUNT. Yes; they have started to hunt.

Off the job… for now.

I’m so proud of them. The first sign of their hunting skills surfacing was when they chased the ants around our kitchen. One day, I woke up and walked into the kitchen to find Leia staring intently at the floor. I didn’t really know what she was looking at until I walked over and squatted down to check it out. There was a little black ant squirming around under her death stare. Then, out of nowhere, she swatted the ant and followed it over to where it landed. She continued to do this until I left the room. I was laughing my head off because it was such a funny sight.

The next sign was their ability to catch moths out of the air, on our step. During the evenings and night, we could see them jumping around outside of our door. Max and Leia would leap and catch a moth out of the air, then land with it in their paws. Sometimes they liked to try and eat them, which disgusted me to the point where I had to shoo them away from sight. We also found dead June bugs on our step, scattered all about the next morning.

Since then, they progressed in hunting skills. We found little dead moles around our property for the last few weeks. We’ve also witnessed Leia walking towards the step with a little baby squirrel in her mouth one day. It was still alive however, and my sister chased Leia to free it. I doubt that the poor thing survived though. Just in the past couple of days my mother noticed that Max had a little mouse or mole in his mouth. He was just sitting on the step, with the little creature hanging between his teeth. I don’t know if they learned this from Ginger, or if the whole thing is coming from instinct alone.

One other thing that I do know they have learned from Ginger is the signal to let them outside. They walk up to the door, stretch up against the door frame, and scratch it. We don’t really mind the scratch marks. At least the sound alerts us of their intentions. I know that Leia likes to do this, but so far I haven’t gotten Max to do it. He just sits there and meows. Which reminds me of another thing. Ginger has recently started meowing to get attention. It is just so unexpected, because he never meows. Ever. I thought that it was one of the kittens meowing when I heard him first, but when I walked over to where the meow came from, there was just Ginger sitting there. He definitely learned this from the kittens, because it is totally out of character for him. It makes me smile when I think about their subtle connection through the little things they learn from each other. The naïve and young can sometimes teach a thing or two to the wise and old.

Who called me old?


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