A Lovebird, Maybe?

Back on to the topic about getting a new bird. I think I may have found one.

I am still waiting for a first response from its current owner. I wasn’t so sure about getting another bird from the pet store, so I decided to either get a rehome or one from a breeder. I checked on Kijiji Classifieds online yesterday for anyone that was looking for a new home for their bird. That’s when I came upon an ad for a lovebird. The ad stated that the owner wanted to get their lovebird a new home for two main reasons. One, they are going to move. And two, they want someone else to give their lovebird the attention it deserves; the owners won’t be able to in the near future.

It’s almost meant to be. The ad seems a little sketchy, but we will see how it turns out. The owner is offering the bird and the cage together as a package for a pretty ideal price. I hope that it’s because they respect the bird and don’t want any random person taking him, but they also want to give him a good chance with getting another home by having a lower price. I’m not sure. The price seems a little odd, but we’ll see once I get a reply from the owner. Which reminds me. The ad didn’t give much information except that the lovebird might be male (they were referring to it as a ‘he’ in the ad), the cage that comes with him is “very large” and he is accustomed to people and not other birds. I included lots of specific questions about him in my email to the owner to find out more.

Mystery Lovebird

There was also lots of comments about him being a friendly little fellow. He apparently loves cuddle time, is hand gentled (in the owner’s words), and likes to be out of his cage rather than in. I actually hope that this is all true, because I would really love to have a bird that can be comfortable outside of his cage with me. I also hope that he is a male for sure. I’d rather that over a hormonal female. Although, it wouldn’t bother me too much even if he turned out to be one. The only other thing that I’m curious about is what his cage and species is. There was nothing about the size or type of the cage in the ad. Not even pictures of either of them. That and the fact that there weren’t many details in the ad are what make me suspicious.

I’m rather nervous about the whole thing. I want it to turn out nicely, but there hasn’t been a reply from the owner yet. I emailed them two days ago; on the very day that they put up the ad. Maybe I’m being paranoid or impatient, but still. I’m also worried about getting the lovebird itself. I’ve only ever had budgies and finches, so it will be different having a new species in my house for a change. I know a good deal about birds in general so I think I can adjust.

I might just buy myself a few books on Lovebirds and get busy soon, though… and I’ll update if I get any further word from the owner. 🙂


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