And More Days Go By…

No word from the lovebird owner, perhaps they just don’t check their emails often enough? I have no clue. Today I replied to an ad that is selling a 9 month old cockatiel due to allergy issues, so I might hear from the owner later. Some of these ads get me really angry though because of the ignorant people who are selling. I guess I’ll have to deal with them if I ever want to get a rehome.

A picture I took off of the ad of the cockatiel that I’m interested in.

Not much has happened in the past week. I’ve enjoyed my summer vacation so far with trips to the movies, to the beach and to friends’ houses. Our garden has been started, and there are already little greenies sprouting everywhere. So far our tomatoes and peas are flourishing, and the weather has boosted their growth. We’ve had sun, sun, rain then more sun. It’s been perfect garden weather, and beach weather. One of these days I’m going to have to bring my camera along and get some nice shots at the beach. There’s always something interesting that we see on our trips there. Always.

Flora from the beach last summer.

All of the furry ones have been well, but I’m beginning to worry about Rocky. He has trouble keeping on any extra weight, and as a result he looks malnourished. Normally we wouldn’t be too worried since he is always on the move due to his pacing disorder caused by being kept in a shelter kennel for so long, but this is different. His ribs are beginning to show through his skin, and I don’t like it one bit. I’ve given him walks to calm him down and settle his anxiety though. I think it might be time for another trip to the vet.

Otherwise, nothing really has come up or changed. Nothing important enough to post about anyway. I might start posting more of my drawings while I wait for something to come up. I remember that I began doing this a while ago, but it began and ended with just the one drawing. So I’ll post something up later to make up for it.


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