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I’m Kassidy, and I’m the author of this blog. I began writing my first blog, Kritter Krazy, on January 23rd, 2010. I started this blog when my remaining two budgies, Kasper and Froot Loop, passed away in October, 2011. They were what I wrote most about on Kritter Krazy, so I decided to start a new blog that was a bit different, and that’s when I came up with Avian Ambition.


Rocky is a Coonhound mix dog. He belongs to me, so I am responsible for feeding him, bringing him on walks, giving him attention and teaching him obedience. Rocky is really special to me, and I am glad that we ended up getting him. My family and I adopted him at a local SPCA about 4 years ago during the summer. We were originally going there to look at another dog, but once we met him, he came home with us instead. At first he was in pretty bad shape, both physically and mentally, but now he is much better.

I think he developed some problems while he was in the shelter, like his habit of running in circles while alone, and his aggressive behavior towards other dogs. I actually taught him to stay on the opposite side of me during our walks if we pass a dog, so that he would have to go through me to get to another. I can tell he is more worried about my safety than another dog, so I always feel safe around him. He doesn’t have any aggression towards people that are familiar to him, but will be wary around strangers. He trusts me enough to the point where he will let me put my hand under his mouth when he is eating. He doesn’t let any other animal get near his food though.

He is such a hyper active dog, but knows when to be calm around someone. After going on a walk, he will calm right down and will even stop his pacing for a while. I think he paces in circles because he doesn’t like being alone. He loves attention, and won’t let you walk away from him without a struggle. I bet he would be a great indoor dog if he was allowed inside, but for now he stays outside with the other two dogs. I love Rocky to bits, and I can’t ask for a better dog than him.


Rollie is our eldest dog, and he is a bit of a Golden Retriever mix. He was born right here where we live, and his birthday is November 9, 1999. He is now 12 years old, so he is getting pretty old. Rollie has been with us ever since he was born. He is one of the most protective dogs I’ve ever met, and hasn’t even growled or tried to bite at any of us. The only time I’ve seen him growl at, or fight with a dog was a couple years back when a pit bull bugged him. Other than that though, he has always been a sweet and friendly dog.

Whenever I go out to feed the dogs, Rollie is always the first to get his food. I’ve been trying to teach him to sit before eating, and so far he has been doing well with it. He has a tendency to hesitate before sitting still, but I think he’s getting the hang of it. Maybe in another year’s time, I’ll be able to have him sit and even give me the paw. You can never be too old to learn!

Having Rollie around when I’m outside always keeps me calm because I know that if anything might be dangerous, he will be the first to bark and alert everyone of it. Rollie is always the one to notice a stray dog, stranger walking by, and sometimes even a strange vehicle coming up our driveway. He can recognize our vehicle, and some other relatives’ vehicles, but when a strange one comes by he will instantly start barking. Without Rollie, it would be hard to tell what’s going on around us outside. I hope he continues to live strong for a long while to come.


Rocko is our youngest dog, being born on March 4th, 2007. He was also born here, along with six other siblings. Six of the puppies survived birth, but only 4 survived until adulthood. Rocko’s mother, Squishy, and three sisters Wenji, Anna and Maggie have all been given new homes since then. We decided to keep Rocko because he was the last male that was left.

He isn’t the most obedient dog here, but he does know how to sit, give both paws, and jump on command. He belongs to my younger sister, and she is the one that trained him the most. I make sure to get him to do those tricks before he gets his food so that he maintains some obedience at least. Rocko sometimes can get a bit over excited, and will jump on someone if they show any fear or worry. We know him too well though, and can stop him from jumping most times.

I can’t stay around Rocko for too long though, because he can get on my nerves sometimes. He can be happy and content one moment, then wild and aggressive the next. But all in all, he’s fun to have around.


Ginger is around 7 years of age, and is a very large cat. He’s also a very lazy one at that. He got his name from his color, which is a “brownish” orange. Ginger has eyes a shade darker than his fur, and can sometimes become cranky when he gets bothered. Ginger is our oldest cat, and usually lays on our laps for attention when he’s not sleeping.

A good example to show how lazy Ginger can be is when he was just cooling off in some shade in the summer of 2009. We went over to see him, and noticed that a mole was running in circles right in front of him, and he was just watching it, without much interest. Then, Pepper (his late sister) popped out of no where, pounced on the mole, then took off with it. I guess Ginger is just not that much of a hunter. He is a little snuggle-bug though, and even enjoys belly rubs. These days though, he can be quite cranky.


Leia and Max are our two cute, little gray kittens. They aren’t so small anymore though, having grown since we got them back in August 21, 2011. They were just about 6 weeks old when we picked them up, so they were little balls of fuzz then. Leia is the sister, and started out the shy, quiet one, but now she is the more adventurous of the two. Max was very curious at the beginning, but now he is a bit more laid back. I actually like to call Max by his nickname; Moo-moo. I think he likes that name better than his original. Leia was named after Princess Leia off of Star Wars, but I’m not sure where Max’s name came from.

When they first came to our house, they were both really timid yet curious. Amazingly, they were already litter trained, and used the litter box straight away. We were all standing there with open mouths, thinking “What….the…?” I guess that they grew up with older cats and used litter boxes before. It’s funny to see them when they try covering up their business, they sometimes start trying to scrape the actual box itself over it, grabbing and pulling at the sides.

To describe their appearance is a bit difficult, but put simply, they are both gray with nice patterns all over their fur. Max has stunning light gray and white stripes along his sides and tail. They almost look like thunder bolts. Leia has orange, white and gray patterns and splotches all over her body. She also has this distinct gray M mark on the side of her face. I wonder what they’ll look and act like as they grow more mature?


These three fish’s ages are a mystery to me, but I know Luthais (pronounced loo-shus) had been around for about 4 years and the others almost a year. Luthais is my brown Weather Loach, and he is increasing in length every day. Weather loaches get their name from their ability to sense biometric changes. Supposedly, they will become a bit more frantic during storms, but I haven’t really noticed any change in Luthais.

Mushu and Citrus are both goldfish, and they belong to my sisters. Mushu is a black fish with some orange marks here and there, and we call him a male but aren’t really sure. The same goes with Citrus, a bright orange fish with a graceful tail, except we think she is a female. We got both at a pet store not too long ago, and they have settled in pretty well with Luthais. He seemed lonely, but now I’m not sure if he even acknowledges the other two’s presence.

We plan on getting a larger aquarium tank for them, around a 55 gallon, as soon as we can afford it. Right now though, they have no choice but to stay in the puny 5 gallon that I hate so much. Hopefully we can save enough money to get the new tank by spring time.

♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦

That’s it for now, but you never know, we may decide to add to our little zoo in the future!


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