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January 29, 2012

An Explanatory Post – My Quest for The Bird *

Having thought through this for quite a while, I’ve decided to make yet another separate page for Avian Ambition. It’s called My Quest for The Bird. It will have everything and anything on there that has to do with getting my future fid, and I will refer to it often. Here’s the official description on the page…

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

This page and its separate categories will be all about my quest for The Bird. If you don’t know already, The Bird is actually the name I use for my future bird; a Yellow-Sided Green Cheek Conure to be more specific. There may be a few birds in my home along the way, but this is definitely the bird that I am aiming for. If you’d like to read more on my story of why I want to get The Bird, you can check this post out.

Since I’m expecting this quest to take several years to complete, I decided to start this page out by adding the information I learn about green cheeks in one category called “Research Ramblings”. I want to research all aspects about owning a green cheek conure, mainly by asking other people who own these kinds of birds. I will also read books, magazines and look through websites from time to time. My main goal is to know as much as I can about this kind of bird before actually trying to find one. I want to know general information about them, their average behavior, their favorite types of foods, and all sorts of things like this. I also want to learn the best way to bring a ‘baby’ or young bird into my home, and how to raise it the right way.

Despite the title of this category, I want to organize the information to make it easier to read and understand for future reference. That way, when a situation occurs like this; “Umm… What was that thing I read about how to discourage my bird from screaming again? *screaming bird in the background* God, why can’t I find it! Be quiet (insert bird’s name here)! Ugghhh!”, I can easily find the right information I need, when I need it. Of course, I won’t be quite that panicky or mad at my bird when it continues to scream uncontrollably… right? Not to say that my bird will end up being a screamer; I’ve heard that most green cheeks are quite quiet birds compared to other conures. Hopefully mine will be one of those.

Anyways, the point I’m trying to make is this: It will almost serve as sort of a ‘guide’ or ‘user’s manual’ for me when I start out with owning a bigger bird for the first time. Specifically The Bird. I want to be able to come back and read advice or tips on caring for my bird, that I have gathered, whenever I need it. I also want to have the information set up the way I find it best suitable for reading. It might not be perfect or the best reference that I can find at the beginning, but at the very least it will be my customized version of what I have learned so far.

Another category that I would like to add is “Wishlist of Wants”, where I will post some reviews, links and/or pictures of the many things that I’d like to buy for The Bird when I get it. This list will include toys, food products, perches, accessories, cleaning products, and anything else that is related to The Bird. When I start this category I would appreciate it if other bird owners, that already have some of these items, posted their own reviews or testaments to let me know the quality that I should expect.

The last category that I think I may add in the future is “Events of the Quest”. These events will be the steps I take towards finding The Bird. Things like finding a vet, buying a cage, visiting shelters or breeders, and buying stuff for The Bird will all be events. I’m thinking that these types of events are going to be near the end of my Quest for The Bird, so they won’t be added until then.

I’d like to say a special thanks to everyone for any support or help given in my Quest for The Bird!

January 25, 2012

• Tinkering with Toys #1: Foraging Bucket *

I want to start blogging a bit more about toys for birds and how important it is to give them the enrichment they need. To do this, I’ve decided that it would be nice to just do occasional posts on DIY toys for your birds called Tinkering with Toys. They will focus on sharing the toy ideas thought up by other bird owners and hopefully will give some people a little inspiration to make their own. I know that it is sometimes hard to sit yourself down and make up new ideas for your bird’s toys all by yourself, so these are here to just help give you some guidance and hopefully more ideas.

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

Way back in July I tried a foraging idea from Fids Love Toys called the Foraging Bucket. I called mine the Mini Foraging Bucket because it reminded me of those large stainless steel buckets that parrot owners usually get for foraging, except that it was a smaller version. I thought that it was a clever idea to use those ketchup cups for the bucket, since they are easy and fun to shred for your birds. They are so simple and easy to make, and can help keep your birds busy for even just a little while. Here was my attempt at making one:

And this is how I made it…

STEP ONE: Get the Materials

You’ll need…

  • Small Ketchup Cup – that fast food restaurants use.
  • Beads (I used 12, putting 6 on each string)
  • String – something like hemp twine.
  • Clip – for hanging on the cage.
  • Scissors

STEP TWO: Put it Together!

  1. Poke two little holes on opposite sides of the ketchup cup.
  2. Cut a string off that is about 6 inches long. (For extra room; in case of mistakes.)
  3. Put a string through one side of the cup and knot.
  4. String on 6 beads, of your choice.

  1. Tie the clip on tightly in the middle.
  2. String on the rest of the beads.
  3. Put the string through the other side of the hole and knot tightly.
  4. Place your birds favorite treat inside, or other items to make it fun to forage through.

STEP THREE: Put it in the cage, and Ta-DA!

January 21, 2012

An Explanatory Post – Visitors Page *

Today I decided to create a visitors page for whoever reads or visits Avian Ambition. If they want to post a question, note, suggestion or just leave a message for me they can easily post one there and I’ll get back to them as soon as possible. Feel free to post links to your blogs, other forums or any useful or interesting links that you feel like sharing. I’m always glad to check things out and read more about interesting topics.

On the page I included an email address to use if visitors would rather send me a more private message for whatever reason, or if they want to include photos that they want to share. I also included a badge for my blog for people to use to link back to my blog or just as a decoration. I urge all visitors to check this out and leave a message, even if to just say hello.

January 8, 2012

Plans for Avian Ambition *

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to improve this blog, and have even spoken with a few people about how I could do this. Many of the ideas we came up with have lots of promise, and I wanted to post about them here while I can so that I can remember them. I also want my readers to know what’s going on behind the scenes here.

The author of HungryBird, one of my favorite blogs, was talking with me recently and I’d like to give her credit for these ideas.

  • Getting good information on different species of birds that aren’t too popular, or well known.
  • Feeding suggestions and other options for those birds. (She gave the example of lorikeets and something other than the powdered formula that they are given)
  • A collection of photos from owners of these birds.
  • Documenting my thoughts on getting, what she calls, The Bird. (The Bird is my future Yellow-Sided GCC)
  • Also documenting my experiences on my quest for The Bird and all the things that I purchase for him/her.

(Thanks for the awesome help!)

These are the plans that I have come up with for Avian Ambition:

  • Themed days of the week, when the time comes. (e.g. Picture Perfect Sundays,  Food Fridays, etc.)
  • A new Picture of the Week featured every Monday, or Sunday on the sidebar.
  • A new “Visitors page.
  • Reader engaging posts. (These will possibly have questionnaires, or polls.)
  • A new page to place upcoming updates like these. (Possibly.)
  • For every new update or idea like these, I’ll publish Explanatory Posts to notify readers.

I know that not all of these will materialize instantly, but it is my best intention to complete some within the next month.

January 3, 2012

An Explanatory Post – Foods for Birds

Here is the better explanation for the “Foods for Birds” page on Avian Ambition that I promised to write yesterday. Right now it is obviously under construction as I have only made a long list of food names, but I’ll explain below about how I will change that. Much like Coco’s “Pellet Project“ (who inspired me to do this); a lot of the information here will be for bird owners to use so that they can decide on which foods they think are the best choice to feed their birds, except her list is much more detailed and about pellets.

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

I created this page so that bird owners could have an easy to find and helpful list of foods (and other consumable items) that they could feed their birds. This page will include a large variety of foods, including:

  • Fresh Foods (Vegetables, Fruits, etc.)
  • Pellets (Totally Organic Pellets, Harrison’s, etc.)
  • Cooked Foods (Beans, Legumes, “Mash”, etc.)
  • Dry Foods (Seeds, Nuts, etc.)
  • Other Foods (Wheat Germ, Supplements, etc.)

This list will be edited and will be under construction while I work on adding different information and foods over time. To do this, I have first started with a fairly long list of foods and listed them in alphabetical order. I plan on making it a goal to complete one whole set of information for one type of food per week, or biweekly. That way, there won’t be an overload of work for me to do, and this list can gradually grow without any major changes.

I am by now means on expert, but with the help of others I think this list will turn out pretty good. Which is why I ask for anyone that can help, to make this list grow by providing me with any information they might like to share about a type of food. If you know things like what vitamins a food contains, what a food’s benefits are (ex: plums promote healthy skin), how to serve and prepare a food, or anything that can be added to this list, feel free to share.

If you’re curious about a certain type of food, requests can be made for a food’s set of information to be done before another, so please go ahead and ask. I’ll be updating this list by alphabetical order, unless someone requests of course.

Remember, you can access this page from the home page of Avian Ambition, and it is always displayed under the header.

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