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January 6, 2012

• My Fish Luthais *

Luthais (pronounced loo-shus) is my weather loach. He currently lives with two other goldfish in a 5-gallon tank that I hate so much, but I will be upgrading that as soon as I have enough money. Luthais was bought at a WAL-MART sadly, but he is a healthy little fella.

Weather loaches are said to be pretty hardy animals, so he will probably live a long, happy life. They are named weather loaches because they are supposed to be able to sense biometric changes. They become frantic and active when they sense a storm, but I haven’t witnessed Luthais doing this yet.  Though they rather being with other loaches, they get along well with other species and are community fish.

While researching about weather loaches, I also came across a comment that said weather loaches are really friendly, tame, and that they weren’t scared of being hand-fed. These are all so true, and I have to say that he is so much fun to have around. If I watch him interacting with the other two goldfish long enough, I can see his playful side of him. It’s also pretty cool to be able to hand feed him.

The first time I’ve ever hand-fed him, I pinched some of his food flakes in between my fingers, and carefully dipped them into his tank. I also made sure that my hands were cleaned prior to dunking them in. I waved my fingers around around a bit, and waited. Then as quick as lightning, he shot around his tank and found where the food was. When he got to my hand, he started vacuuming up the flakes right out of my fingers. His mouth felt like a little suction cup, slurping up all the food at top speed.  It tickled a lot, but I stayed still until he finished and moved on.

These days I like to just feed him normally along with Citrus and Mushu, but sometimes he’ll be a pig and eat more than his share. Mushu and Citrus are smart enough to stay out of his way though, because he has been growing quite a deal recently. He must be longer than 8 inches already, but that’s just my guess. I’ll start to measure him for real when I get a new tank so that he’ll have enough room to grow.

It’s not just me that loves to having Luthais and his friends around. They have two more fans; Leia and Max. These two kittens love to watch the fish swim around in their tank. They sometimes watch them for more than half an hour straight, just sitting and staring. I don’t know what it is about fish, I guess it’s just intriguing to watch such delicate creatures swim around so gracefully in the water.


January 5, 2012

• My Dog Rocky *

Rocky is my male Coon hound mix dog. We got him at a shelter when we were originally looking at another dog. He was super quiet in his kennel, but my mother noticed him almost instantly. She wanted to see him out of his kennel, so we got the manager to take him out. When he got out, he was so excited with all the attention that he had an accident. He must have been cooped up in that kennel for a while.

We decided to take him outside to the fenced-in yard that the shelter provided to interact with him for a bit before we left. We brought toys to play with him, and headed out. I wanted to see if he would fetch the toys if I threw them for him. So when I chucked one of the toys into the air, he bolted. I never saw a dog go that crazy after a toy! I figured that he wouldn’t be able to find it in that mess of overgrown weeds and grass, but he trotted around sniffing it out and he even did a little point pose with his foot when he caught the scent. (Hence our guess of him being a type of hound) I also thought with all the excitement, he would take off with his reward right away, but instead he came right back and then played a bit of tug of war with me.

My family decided to take him with us that day, and we named him Rocky.

After having him settle in at our home, we noticed that he was starting to lose weight. We were feeding him extra food to see if he would gain weight, and he ate it without hesitation. But still he lost weight. We weren’t sure what was wrong, so we brought him to the vet. I can’t recall what the vet said, but I think it had something to do with worms. The medicine he got helped him lots, and he was back to his old self in no time.

When you look at Rocky now, you could probably only tell that he was a shelter dog because of his constant pacing. We try to give him enough attention, but his pacing will not stop. I think he also has separation anxiety because each time we leave and come back, he gets all worked up and won’t let us leave without jumping at us or on us. He goes in hyper mode with his pacing when he sees us drive or walk down the driveway.

He also has aggression towards any other animal, and stranger. He doesn’t show any aggression towards people unless he doesn’t know them, or they bother him. Teasing and grabbing his favorite toy away for example. He also doesn’t like any animal around his food. He will growl and snarl at them if they get within a few feet from his food, but won’t have any reaction to humans. I even tried putting my hand right under his mouth while he was eating once, and nothing! He just ignored it and kept chewing.

Other than those problems, Rocky is a very obedient dog, and has great agility talent even though he was probably never trained. We had problems with walking him at first, but after using a cool technique I thought up, he was super calm. I trained him over a week of walking, so it was pretty clear that he was a fast learner. He wasn’t taught many tricks other than sit though.

His only problem with walking now is when another dog comes around. I solved this by putting him on the other side of me while walking and he picked up on this pretty quickly. I guess he thinks that my safety is more important than defending his territory, so he won’t go through me to get to another dog.

He ended up being my dog because my other siblings didn’t want to deal with his aggression and over-excitement, so I ended up claiming him. He really is such a sweet dog to be around, but I still need to work with him on his behavior.

Rocky Out in the Sun

January 1, 2012

A Fresh Start!

Welcome to Avian Ambition! For first time readers, please check out this page to read more about my pets and I, or just keep on reading to find out more about Avian Ambition…

There are two main reasons why I started this blog, and I’ll write more about them below, but for now I will just say that this blog will focus on me, Kassidy, and my life with pets. My recent interest in becoming an avian vet will also lead to posts about the useful information I find during my research on birds. Other things I might write about are just life in general, holidays, or other important events. The main topic that I will regularly be posting about is my pets though, because they are what I enjoy writing about the most.

This blog’s name partially originated from my intentions of owning a larger parrot in the future, and it is one reason why I started this blog. I’ve always wanted to get a Yellow Sided Green Cheek Conure ever since I met one last year in a pet store. His name was Tiki, and he was just such a sweetie pie. My remaining two male budgies, Kasper and Froot Loop, both passed away suddenly on October 30, 2011, so it’s been lonely and sad without any birds in the house. I can’t wait to get another bird when I do. I’ve only ever owned budgies and finches so it will be different and exciting to finally have a larger bird. While I anticipate the arrival of my future bird, I will prepare myself by researching and also posting about it here. That way, I will have the information I learn about Green Cheeks all in one spot for future reference.

The other reason why I wanted to begin writing a new blog is because I wanted a fresh start in blogging. I used to write another blog called Kritter Krazy. It was fine for a while, but I started to slack with my posts and I completely stopped posting after Kasper and Froot Loop passed away. They were, after all, the main thing I wrote about in most of my posts. I didn’t plan on getting any other birds for a while, so I decided to shut down that blog, and start fresh here at Avian Ambition. Hopefully now after going through the experience of my first blog, I’ll be able to have a new and improved blog as a result.

So all in all, this blog will be about my future as I think ahead for the arrival of a new fid (feathered kid), and my future career as an avian veterinarian. Thanks for reading everyone, I hope you enjoy the rest of my blog!

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